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  • Luxury Marketing – The 4 P’s: Patricians, Parvenus, Poseurs and the Proletarians

    Is a marketing model proposed by Han, Nunes & Dreze (2010) and is a model that anlyzes customer segmentation of luxury goods. It’s based around how consumer can be profiled for luxury purchases, after breaking down different demographics and motivations we are left with 4 clear consumer bases. Interestingly, luxury purchases is not just a […]

  • eCommerce: the Big Idea – Close the Gap & Evade Your Processes

    eCommerce is centered round one, very simple idea – bringing your customer and your products as close together as possible. This magnetism is possible through 3rd Party Platforms: Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Content: Blog posting, Video and Images, Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or Advertising: AdWords, facebook ads, native advertising. An efficient eCommerce model […]

  • Copywriting Infographic – Mad Men Inspired

    Courtesy of: Copy Hackers

  • The $10,000 eCommerce Challenge – The Intro

    So I am commencing a new project. I am starting my own e-commerce business. Time to practice what I preach. Armed only with my ideas and these meager marketing gifts I will make $10,000 in 3 months. Firstly allow me to start with a little self-indulgent rant: Recently, I being interviewed for a role with […]

  • 10 Rules to the the Perfect eCommerce Product

    10 Rules to Picking the Perfect e-Commerce Product   A great eCommerce product like everything else has properties and attributes.  I am here to assist you in selecting a product that is sell-able; leading to a profitable and scaleable enterprise. The product you choose will define your business and ultimately your success. Use all the […]

  • How to Manage a Super Low Budget AdWords Account

    I am currently wrestling with a low budget AdWords account, trying to straighten it into something remotely profitable. Generally speaking, starting with a high budget is beneficial as the numbers you receive come thick and fast. They also have meaning. AdWords management is like the majority of digital marketing, a collection of carefully thought through […]

  • AdWords Spying Tools

    James Bond AdWords Spy Gadgets I like the idea of being a spy, slick back hair – tailored made suits – the acquisition of ‘super secret’ information. The following tools may not get you the attractive significant other – but they will give you the real spy experience. 1. Prepare for combat with SpyFu […]

  • How to Make a Living on eBay

    Want to make a living at home or on the beach? Want free time to learn a language, the guitar or get fit. You can with these simple rules to eBay Success. eBay is an opportunity to make extra pocket money as a private seller, or can be used as an efficient sales funnel in […]

  • How to get a Marketing or Advertising Position in Thailand

    When i first started looking for “professional” employment in Thailand – a lot of people said it cant be done. A lot of people said that if you aren’t a teacher, you have no chance of employment in Thailand, making a good salary and have a good life. When people said it couldn’t be done […]

  • Top 5 SEO Elements for 2015 – That You Didn’t Know About.

    Looking to improve your SEO? Check out these 5 SEO tweaks you didn’t know about. They are super easy, super powerful and super secret (until now). Most businesses don’t practice these essential elements – get the leg up on the competition today.