What Makes Customers Click?, The Ethics of Digital Targeting, What Do Facebook’s Data Breach Issues Mean For The Future Of Influencer Marketing

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Top 5 digital marketing mistakes advisors make (financial-planning.com)

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In 2018, advisors no longer have any excuses when it comes to evolving their marketing strategies with the new ways that people research

professional services
providers and
access information
they need to make
financial decisions

Alternatively, if you have no

online presence
at all, that could also be a
red flag
potential clients
who are used to vetting
service providers
based on the information about them that is available online.


smaller advisor practices
without that
financial flexibility
should shoot for breaking even on marketing costs in about a year, meaning they will make their money back if the client stays with that advisor for more than a year.

How to build a fearless marketing team – MarTech Today (martechtoday.com)

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ideal people
for this role are those who can tackle new technologies, understand how to bring them into an organization and think like entrepreneurs, knowing the difference between “trying something new” and “doing something at scale.”

Having the “heart of a teacher” means you provide value to your customers, helping them to learn something new, create something new or do something new.

Seen through the lens of where marketing is heading today, here are some things you need to think about when creating that fearless marketing team.

Just as important as having a mix of talents, abilities and expertise at your disposal is having a mix of temperaments.

What Makes Customers Click? 4 Tips to Improve Your Click-Through Rate (businessnewsdaily.com)

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If you want to increase sales, you need to know what exactly your

target audience
is searching for, and how to get on their radar.

Not only do you need to interest them enough to trust your brand, but you have to deliver as expected to increase this occurrence in the future.

“It may be a

simple line
, it may be an image of a person who is looking in the button’s direction,” Evtimova said.

Marketing in a Gray Area: The Ethics of Digital Targeting – Chief Marketer (chiefmarketer.com)

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It comes down to trusting your gut; asking yourself, “am I okay with this?” or “how would I feel if I was targeted in this way?” It may seem simple, but our core

human tendency
of knowing right from wrong should—and will— trump any need to hit a
sales goal

Specifically, this will help you determine your messages, how they are delivered, and to whom they are served.

When consumers are served an ad that fits their desires like a glove, they likely have no idea where the data used to serve that ad to them is coming from or the level of privacy they have given up to marketers.

5 online tools with a great return on investment – Born2Invest (born2invest.com)

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Nonetheless, it will take

significant money
time investment
scale up
your content marketing and SEO strategy to
higher levels

However, it’s trickier to measure the value of social media marketing than the results you’ll get from paid advertising and content marketing.

Whatever the model, it’s important that your salespeople are trained properly and in a way that allows them to continue

personal growth

While it’s easier to measure

conversion rates
, traffic, and engagement, it’s hard to get an
accurate measure
of the reputation value that
social media
has generated for your brand.

How to Use Virtual Reality in Your Digital Marketing [Infographic] (marketingprofs.com)

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The graphic explains that consumers feel

positive sentiment
toward brands that invest in VR, and it predicts that VR experiences will become increasingly immersive.

To see why VR is catching the attention of brands and consumers (and making sibling weekends more fun), check out the


Small Biz Focus: 3 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business (arlnow.com)

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With the help of these simple yet effective digital marketing tips and a

little effort
and determination, you’ll be off to a
great start
building your customer and referral base.

If they do, that link to your website serves as a ‘popularity vote,’ signaling to

that your site is important and relevant.3.

There are

several factors
that influence which websites
will show for a search, such as the content of your website and how many other important websites are linking back to you.

The Takeaway: Growing a

small business
is as exciting as it is challenging but following these tips for digital marketing success will make it easier for clients to start finding you!

What Do Facebook’s Data Breach Issues Mean For The Future Of Influencer Marketing? (forbes.com)

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All this means is that it’s now difficult for influencers–and the marketing networks who engage them–to capitalize on some of their most powerful platforms.

Now, creators with smaller but extremely engaged and dedicated audiences have to constantly experiment with expensive and time-consuming strategies that allow their content to be seen by a majority of their followers, often to no avail.

Artist and content creator Lucrecer Braxton notes that because buying reach is so expensive, “Facebook is becoming a club of exclusivity, if you want to be seen past your

initial Friends list