Using Digital Marketing to Find the Right Employees, How GDPR Will Transform Digital Marketing

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2018: The year of influencer marketing for B2B brands – Marketing Land (

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  • Also, an influencer with a large following on
    doesn’t have
    much credibility
    with B2B buyers, unless they happen to work in IT themselves — which isn’t a typical scenario.
  • The first reference to the 1:9:90 model was in 2006 by The
    Charles Arthur
    , who said that “if you get a group of 100 people online, then one will create content, 10 will ‘interact’ with it (commenting or offering improvements) and the other 89 will just view it.”
  • If you can positively engage with an influencer or group of influencers and get them to talk about your company or product, you have the potential to reach the
    entire market
  • Sadly, many marketers use just one
    data point
    to determine which group of influencers to engage with, and it’s usually “reach.” While reach is a
    good metric
    , it’s not the only one.

Using Digital Marketing to Find the Right Employees (

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  • Tim Vertz from Vertz Marketing is back with the
    latest installment
    of ‘Small Business Monday’ which educates
    small business owners
    and suggests
    effective strategies
    to help their business grow.
  • Tim joins us with a few great tips on using ditital marketing to help you find the
    right candidates

How GDPR Will Transform Digital Marketing (

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  • Among these are the dozens of messages from web-based companies from
    privacy policy
    updates, as well as the
    recent reports
    about how
    major internet companies
    and LinkedIn are moving the
    personal data
    associated with non-Europeans out of Europe and into other jurisdictions – the latter of which are largely moves designed to minimize
    legal liability
  • This will immediately further dis-incentivize
    personal data collection
    and implicate ad-targeting based on
    behavioral data
    ; if a firm makes this data available for an individual who can then bring it to a competing service, then – barring the construction of some loophole around this measure – the incentive to collect the data in the first place weakens.
  • These practices are largely allowed outside of
    , and
    sophisticated actors
    – including
    internet companies
    as well as advertisers like
    – will doubtless seek ways to work around many of the constraints that will be imposed by
    within Europe.

Digital Marketing News: Millennial Pops’ Pinterest Passion, Facebook’s Housecleaning, Closing Klout, & Google’s Latest (

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  • Facebook has stopped nearly 1.3 billion
    fake user
    accounts over the last six months, one of
    numerous statistics
    the company has revealed for the first time in a
    preliminary report
    announced this week.
  • Pinterest has increased its popularity among
    millennial dads
    , with 42 percent of
    fathers in that demographic reporting that they find new products on the site, while nearly half of overall U.S. dads with a
    household income
    of $100K or more use Pinterest, according to
    new analysis data
  • National Geographic was ranked the top brand on
    social media
    for the
    fourth consecutive year
    , with over 1.6 billion social-related actions during 2017, according to
    new report data

Using AI in Marketing (

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  • In our
    reviewing the applications of AI in marketing, we explore 15 different applications of
    Artificial Intelligence
    (AI) across the
    customer lifecycle
    from media buying to marketing automation and chatbots.
  • The sample is smaller than what I would usually look to share and it is skewed since it is a
    customer survey
    of Albert and AI tool for marketing, but with relatively few adopters of AI, this is inevitable and I thought the report below might be useful both for agencies and brands to learn about the ‘Use Cases’ of AI.
  • Within this sample, the agencies are more positive about the benefits of AI than the brands.