Easy Link Building The Moving Man Method 2.0

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The Moving Man Method 2.0 – Anchor Text Bonanza

Easy High Authority Link Building

The super easy method to get a tonne of super juicy anchor text backlinks from authorities in any niche.

Okay, many SEOs know the “moving man method” – if you don’t, I’m about to show you how it’s done. THEN I am going to show you how to get the super, rock-star, juicy anchor text links version on the same principle. WHICH! I probably shouldn’t do for free….. But I will.

The Original Moving Man

Reversing Broken Links: IE finding dead/expired sites with juicy back links – and asking the linking webmaster to link to you instead, as their current link is dead.

1. How to find the broken links:

Download Screaming Frog enter the blog/website you want to search and VOILA all their broken links.

Remember you want relevant, high value sites so only pick the major sites in your market. To calculate this use MajesticSEO and OpenSiteExplorer

I used ApartmentTherapy.com – Which is a complete monster in Home Décor (We Sold Asian Decor) (See Below)

Majestic Measures Trust & Citation:

Analysis for Moving Man

Open Site Explorer Measures Authority of the Site and its links:

Moving Man Analysis
Moving Man Analysis

2.With Screaming Frog I Found This:

The broken link was actually on a post written about one of my other companies – (They linked to somebody else on the same link as me) – The back link was to a page about Kapok (a pillow filler), which the previous site hadn’t 301’d. TIME FOR RULE NUMBER 1!!
Thai Triangle Pillows Floor Seating for Crowds Apartment Therapy

Rule 1. Nobody likes broken links on their site.

Followed by RULE NUMBER 2!!!

Rule 2: I love backlinks from authority sites.

SO! I wrote a piece about Kapok on one of my other sites! (see below)
Kapok Stuffing Info Page

Then e-mailed the editor (See below again).

Actual E-Mail
Actual E-Mail

This led to this….. Plus a glorious back link!!!
All time traffic high

Now, how did I reinvent this idea to engineer anchor text rich back links?


Okay – so, for the newbies – Anchor Text Links are the most powerful links in SEO. When you hyperlink a keyword back to a page – this is anchor text. (Be careful though, over anchor texting is a red flag for spam)

Recent Google updates killed Exact Match Domains (EMDs) – the case was previously, if you owned www.goldjewelry.com, you would rank number 1 when somebody searched “Gold Jewelry”. Search engines were unsophisticated, but also because every time someone linked your brand – you were getting the glorious Anchor Text Link.

People used to just buy EMDs and rank high on very competitive keywords. This is no longer the case.

People as such, (cos nobody wants to work hard these days) have left their EMDs as they were no longer lucrative – but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have some juicy back links that you can reverse back to you… with Anchor Text!

Here’s how:

I am working for a puzzle company so I want keywords related to puzzles like: “interlocking puzzles”. So I search for (www.interlockingpuzzles.com)

Oh, look, it’s been left…
An Expired Domain

I then check the back link profile using Ahrefs: some great quality links!


Then simply repeat the e-mail phase from the Original Moving Man above.


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