Using SEO To Grow Your Law Firm Traffic, YouTube SEO 2018, Does Meta Description Affect SEO

Google: Click Depth Matters More for SEO than URL Structure – Search Engine Journal ( – Jun 09 2018

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  • So especially if your homepage is generally the strongest page on your website, and from the homepage it takes multiple clicks to actually get to one of these stores, then that makes it a lot harder for us to understand that these stores are actually pretty important.
  • On the other hand, if it’s one click from the home page to one of these stores then that tells us that these stores are probably pretty relevant, and that probably we should be giving them a little bit of weight in the search results as well.
  • So it’s more a matter of how many links you have to click through to actually get to that content rather than what the URL structure itself looks like.”

How to do YouTube SEO in 2018 (

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  • If still in doubts, have a look at this: 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others — RendrFx Youtube reports mobile video consumption increases 100% every year — Hubspot A video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rates – Hubspot 55% of people watch videos online every single day — Digital Information World By 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic — SmallBizTrends
  • I personally think this feature is super cool, because it really gives you clear understanding of what your potential customers type into Youtube while searching for some products or services related to your business, and, which is by no means less important, how they call it.
  • If you have a sequence of videos to go on your channel one by one, just go through the same steps picking the time you want each video to go live and forget about it for good.
  • So, the best thing you can possibly do is creating a video that would keep viewers’ attention from the very start till the end, make them want to watch more of your content, subscribe to your channel, and comment.
  • They can be of 6 various kinds, those that: Promote a video or playlist Encourage viewers to participate in a poll Link to an approved website Promote another channel Feature a nonprofit organization Encourage your viewers to support the creation of video content .

Does The Meta Description Tag Affect SEO & Search Engine Rankings? ( – Jun 08 2018

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  • However, since meta descriptions show in the search engine results, they can affect CTRs (click through rates), which are linked to SEO & rankings.
  • If the meta description tag is missing, Google will just pick a piece of content from your page, which it thinks is the most relevant for the user.
  • I’m not sure if it’s missing on this page only or if it’s a general thing, but… well, the meta description tag isn’t there.

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Meta Descriptions, News Publishers, Algorithm SEO Impacts & Yoast Plugin (

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  • Yoast had a bug that may or may not have impacted your Google rankings, there is a big debate going on about that now.
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How to Use SEO to Grow Your Law Firm Website Traffic (2018) (

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  • The numbers above clearly show the importance of SEO for law firms which is why in this article we’ll discuss the basics of SEO for lawyers, show you potential SEO pitfalls to avoid, and share tips on recommended SEO practices for law firm websites.
  • If your website is ranked on the first page of Google, you’ve got better chances of getting more leads, inquiries, and more clients because most people won’t have the time to go through all of those results and will usually stick to first page results.
  • Traditional marketing means you’ll have to repeat the process and continually re-invest in ads, networking or other methods which not only impacts your budget, it also requires time investment Focuses on reaching out to potential clients who may or may not need your services at that particular moment and comes with the risk of them not remembering you when they actually need your services
  • Once you optimize your site for specific keywords and search terms, your website will always show up as a result which means you only need to ensure that it stays high up on the results page with quality, fresh content It’s easier to see what’s working and what’s not so you can tweak and optimize without going over your budget Focuses on educating about your services and making it easier for clients to find you and come to you exactly when they need your services
  • Getting listed in local online directories used to be a recommended SEO practice that not only gave you a backlink to your site, it also allowed your law firm to appear in search engines while your website didn’t yet receive a lot of visitors and traffic.