Digital Marketing News Roundup April 21st 2018

Digital Marketing News: Gen Z’s Snapchat Love, LinkedIn’s GIFs, & Google Gets More Time (

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Snapchat Remains Teens’ Favorite Social Platform, Instagram Their Top Marketing Channel Snapchat has remained the top social platform among teens, who also see Instagram as the best way for brands to communication with them, according to Piper Jaffray’s latest semi-annual “Talking Stock with Teens” survey.

AdWeek Google, Others Cut Into Facebook Share Of Consumer Time Google’s properties including Youtube have grown more popular among U.S. adults than Facebook, with both taking up a greater share of consumer time than the properties of Verizon, Amazon, Snapchat, and Twitter, according to recently-released January 2018 Nielsen ratings data.

Wall Street Journal Only 3% Of Marketers Deem MRC Video ‘Viewability” A Reasonable Standard Just three percent of brand marketers see the current Media Rating Council’s (MRC) video viewability standard — which determines what is counted as a viewable impression — to be reasonable, according to recently-released survey information.

Become a digital marketing guru with this comprehensive bundle (

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With eight courses and 25 hours of in-depth content, this extensive bundle will get you up to speed on digital marketing’s most relied-upon platforms and programs.

You’ll learn how to use Google AdWords to generate more conversions on your site, how to make the most out of Youtube’s algorithms to market to new demographics, how to build content that catches the attention of new potential customers, and much more.

Google to host free business seminar on digital marketing Wednesday (

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Google to host free business seminar on digital marketing Wednesday Google: What did we know?

On April 25 at 11:30 a.m., Google will be hosting a free event at the Columbia Marriott on Hampton Street to help local businesses learn digital marketing tips.

Last-click, Multi-channel, Data-driven? 5 things for Marketers to Consider about Attribution (

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Last-click, multi-channel, data-driven, U-shape, W-Shape – whatever attribution model you choose for your organization, one cannot deny the complexity of the attribution problem at one end of the spectrum, and the maddeningly simple desire to ‘just know what worked’ at the other.

It’s not just customers who meander all over the place with their purchase path (although now, with AI in the mix, it may not be too long before we can spot patterns in those seemingly ‘random’ meanderings.)

While there are multiple models to choose from- first-click, last-click, multi-touch, liner, time-decay, U-shaped, W-shaped and the catch-all ‘custom’, Chris miglino Chairman and CEO, SRAX, in his article that defines all those models, also cautions marketers that the proliferation of the Internet of things (IoT) has made it crucial for marketers to “glean insight not only from multiple channels but multiple devices” too.

There are increasingly new technologies to make the connection between online marketing and offline sales – from geofencing to card-linked tracking tools – and marketers will want to think about building a model from the start that helps them go all the way on the purchase path.

How Entrepreneurs Can Take Advantage of Voice Search Marketing (

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Why voice search is part of the future of tech Case in point, independent research conducted by the Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute confirms that 51 percent of consumers already utilize voice assistants, with 81 percent of those users primarily accessing the voice assistant through a smartphone, citing convenience, multitasking enablement and speed as value-adds from the voice assistant experience.

Using data from Cortana, we know that the lion’s share of questions presented to voice assistants begin with either “how” or “what,” and then there’s a steep drop off in search share for the remaining interrogative words.

According to proprietary research by the call intelligence company Invoca, voice search is the preferred mode of communication for 20 percent of consumers making a purchase of $500 or more, only 2 percentage points removed from the 22 percent who prefer traditional online search.

For example, a ticket seller who wants to capture its voice-assistant-using audience should ensure portfolio coverage on [how do I buy tickets], [what website sells tickets], and [where can I go to buy tickets].

Gary Vaynerchuk Joins Forces With Guy Oseary for Digital Marketing Collaboration: Exclusive (

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One of the biggest managers in music is joining forces with one the best-known voices in branding, digital marketing and audience development to change the way artists and brands collaborate.

“Maverick Music Management has an ability to have a massive digital influence and we are excited to work with Gary and his team to help our artists find opportunities to reach their potential.” The Vayner/Maverick Music Content Project will focus on developing long and short-form videos, episodic series and other activations for sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, pairing talent with companies for unique story-telling and collaboration, with Vaynerchuk describing an artist’s reach and fame as “the ultimate arbitrage in our society.”

“We are practitioners of digital marketing and so we know how to analyze big data probably better than a lot of entities,” Vaynerchuk says, “And so if you’re Pizza hut and you’re trying to reach a certain demo, we feel like we have the ability to give you insight on which emerging artists or traditional artists you should consider for this content.