Digital Marketing News Roundup April 13, 2018

Grassroots Marketing: How to Grow Your Brand Organically With Captivating Content

But by leveraging a mixture of high-profile individuals and explosive social sharing, the ALS Association tripled their research budget and developed two new drugs for clinical trials. (

As long as you begin by targeting a specific audience and have a specific intent for your niche, you can create an actionable organic campaign with minimal effort. (

Since social sharing is a vital part of an organic grassroots campaign, flirting with controversy sometimes can get you the results you want. (

Key Trends in Digital Marketing for 2018

Although sales revenue and new customer growth remain important, there is a growing trend among retailers [that say brand awareness is their focus to evaluate success of marketing centered around deals and offers. (

Retailers are seeing the most return from general deal websites and apps, which provide a comprehensive digital marketing solution that will drive brand awareness and revenue through a variety of channels. (

And although 67% said they will use email marketing and driving mobile conversion as a way to get more customers, some (10%) of the largest retailers reported they will keep their budgets exactly the same as 2017. (

Marketing to Gen Z: What Everyone Over the Age of 30 Ought to Know

We believe everyone should have easy, open access to information and that video is a powerful force for education, building understanding, and documenting world events, big and small. (

Do teenagers seek out a video hosting platform, or do they want to connect with people who express creative freedomshare information, want them to be successful, and share their passions? (

They’re not searching for “glowing, radiant skin” or “look younger in seven days,” which is the type of copy most brands put on their product detail pages on Amazon(

13 Free Tools and Travel Apps That Make Working Remotely Work for You

Cloud storage is easy to take for granted, but it’s a must when you’re working remotely, especially as part of a small team (or even a team of one) that needs to share files and make them easily accessible in a single place. (

Evernote is one of the most widely recommended apps for this purpose, letting you create notebooks to store specific notes that can include images, links, text, and even snippets of important information with its web clipper tool. (

Whether it’s a coffee shop or a co-working space, you can find locations near you based on priorities such as good Wi-Fi, noise levels, abundance of outlets, and the likelihood of meeting new people. (

CBS-Backed Startup to Help Advertisers Donate to Charities Through Digital Ad Buys

The company’s algorithm also helps businesses calculate the impact of non-profit partnerships and donations on social governance scores that measure a company’s approach to and impact on social issues, such as climate change, human rights and board diversity. (

The theory is that associating a brand’s advertisement with a donation to a nonprofit will resonate more with consumers, encouraging them to engage with the ad and creating a positive association that can drive brand loyalty or increased spending. (

Givewith, which began building the platform from scratch with digital product agency Work & Co a little under a year ago, expects to generate sales in the “low double-digit millions” in 2018, said Mr. (

Digital Marketing Trends You Must Follow in 2018

Ultra violet was chosen to represent the year because of a rising trend in purple food, clothing, home décor, and accessories – and that trend represents the taste of a large percentage of consumers.

Instead, businesses must focus on personalizing their message, using email funnelssocial media targeting, and customer grouping to achieve a campaign that is tailored to the individual.

Later, when browsing the web, she sees tailored adverts in the sidebar of her favorite website which show the specific items she was interested in from the clothing store. (

Google Lens and the future of Visual Search

Unlike an image search, where an ordinary text search pulls possible relevant images using structured datavisual search is the process of fulfilling searches by using machine learning to analyze components within a submitted photo, and finding results that replicate or relate to those visual cues.

Enabling users to find your product via one image search, thanks to clear product photography that downloads quickly on any device, cuts out the usual steps of searching by item type, size and colour, browsing through pages for the best fit and then, eventually, reaching the checkout stage.

Sites should still ensure that their images are optimized using structural data and other traditional SEO tactics, but going forward there’s also a need for imagery to be clutter-free and easy for visual search tools to process while the technology is still developing. (

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