Blockchain For Affiliate Marketers, Facebook F8, Setting Digital Marketing Objectives – May 1st 2018

Blockchain-powered Gagapay solves trust issues between companies and affiliate marketers (

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  • The software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform uses smart contracts for the designing and executing of marketing programs and is complemented by a marketplace for companies to contract with marketers for their campaigns.
  • G agapay Network will be integrated with (the company is launching this project separately as a ready-made product in Q3 2018 with prepaid cards) so as to facilitate the use and spending of cryptocurrency rewards for its customers.
  • The first phase of the public crowd sale will open to sell 50 million GTAs (priced at $0.04 per token) followed by a second phase for 440 million GTAs ($0.05 per token).
  • The remaining tokens from the sale will be distributed as follows: 14 percent for the company reserve, 10 percent for the team, 3 percent for the developers, 3 percent set aside for airdropping and bounty programs, and 1 percent for the Gaga foundation.

‘We’re really going to feel the vibes’: Facebook’s F8 attracts marketers wanting answers – Digiday (

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  • This year’s gathering should have a less triumphal tone (except for a performance by Logic), as the  tech company grapples with pushback from the rise of fake news, its pivot away from media in its news feed and its data privacy scandals.
  • Parker Ray, head of digital at MWWPR, said he expects Zuckerberg’s acknowledgment of the Cambridge Analytica scandal to come early to emphasize the importance, but also to “get it over with.” However, Facebook’s chief security officer Alex Stamos will host a session titled “Security at Facebook Scale” following the keynote.
  • But a major video publisher on Facebook said it hadn’t faced such drastic changes and that it’s still seeing success by natively publishing video on Pages and for Facebook Watch.
  • Of course, data privacy is something that’s scrutinized at the company, so businesses may be less willing to give the social network access to more of their information.

Setting the right digital marketing objectives (

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  • It’s useful to be clear on the difference between vision vs goals vs objectives vs KPIs as the measurement pyramid relating them shows.
  • With long-term digital marketing initiatives and transformation projects, the same is true, so it’s essential that your digital marketing strategy features clear, SMART marketing objectives so that you have targets you can review performance against.
  • According to the research, the most important goals relate to lead generation (relevant to companies who don’t sell online who are focused on lead generation) and online sales revenue (for those that do).

Disney Digital to launch an over-the-top video app for millennials, as it woos advertisers burned by YouTube (

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  • The ad-supported app comes from Disney’s editorial brand, Oh My Disney, and will feature Disney social content and other short-form video programming from Oh My Disney as well as Disney Digital Network’s editorial voices and Maker creators and partnerships, the company says.
  • In addition to the new video app, DDN announced its newest brand, Disney Eats, which will celebrate the food served at Disney parks – some of which has developed a cult following of its own, like Dole Whips.
  • DDN also unveiled a slate of new series and other digital programs, including the new Disney Eats x Tastemade content, a new Oh My Disney podcast, a returning Club Mickey mouse, and others across Disney Style (a Facebook Watch show), Babble, and Disney Family.

5 Things CMOs Need To Know About Blockchain And Influencer Marketing (

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  • Online educators and creators need to have a sustainable livelihood, but more importantly, that livelihood needs to be secure, fast, and sustainable — and crypto-marketing which is defined as “the process of understanding what a customer values so well that it can be embedded into a crypto-token protocol, which will appreciate in customer utility as network effects take a hold spurred on by organically incentivized word-of-mouth” and cryptocurrency just may be the answer.
  • Companies like AC3 are recreating the online creator marketplace by partnering with online educators and influencers on their own platform, but in a brand new way.
  • In contrast to traditional brand building — idea, design, product, marketing and brand — in the crypto space, the road map is to establish followers with heavy marketing of idea, and then design and build for the pre-existing user base.

Neil Patel on Digital Marketing Basics, Content Building, and 2018 Trends (

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  • We’ll get to that surprising origin story in a moment, but for now, you should know one thing about Neil: He’s second-to-none in the world of digital marketing, and has clocked millions in profits for multinational corporations like GM and Microsoft.
  • You can’t do everything at once as a startup because you don’t have enough time, so try out different platforms and see what resonates with your ideal customer.
  • Their algorithms consider how often your brand is searched, how many backlinks exist from external sites to your own, how many comments are on your site, how often people visit and what they look at, etc.
  • It’s tracking how many times people read or engage with your content; how long they stay on your site; what other kinds of content they’re reading; and if they’re sharing or commenting on that content.

12 inspiring digital marketing case studies prove ROI (

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  • Clean & Clear’s Snap Ads and Filters campaign generated an 11.2% lift in Aided Awareness (5.5X higher than Millward brown Norms) and a 7% lift in brand favorability (3.5X higher than Millward Brown Mobile Norms).
  • Compared to its normal sales emails the infographic achieved a 96% lift in email revenue, while on Facebook the post that featured the graphic had more than 2,000 interactions compared to an average of 10.Overall HCCMIS’s blog post featuring the graphic achieved 3.9m views, of which 90% were new visitors.
  • KLM: Noticed, from one of its employees, that a lot of people were asking about social payments, so they spoke to KLM’s IT and accounts teams to see if it was possible to set it up.This resulted in a new social payments tool, which cost €3,500 to setup and now takes €80,000 per week in sales.
  • Mann Family Dental saw a: 1) 270% increase in web traffic 2) 10X increase in leads and a 3) 50% increase in patients generated from the website.